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Betty Blue

about betty blue

Born in Billings, Montana in 1966, Betty spent her formative years in Tucson, Arizona, where she began writing fantasy and romance novelettes at the age of 12 in the notebook tucked into her Bible during church services. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Creative Writing in 1988, she followed the echoes of Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg to San Francisco, where she took an unexpected detour to single motherhood.

In 1997, Betty sold her first short story to an online erotica anthology. Since then, her stories have been published in several anthologies of erotica, romance, and vampire fiction. Her passion, however, remains romantic fantasy. Betty has written three as-yet unpublished fantasy novels and a novella, and has a number of other novels in the works.

betty faq

To answer the question I am asked most frequently, "Is that your real name?":

Well, it is now.

The second question I inevitably get is, "Hey, did you ever see that movie, Betty Blue?

Yes, and if you ask me again, I may stab you with a fork.

Often, I dye all or part of my hair pink or some other shade resembling a Locket Kiddle, inspiring the third most popular question: "Why isn't your hair blue?"

Do you ask Mr. Smith why he is not out stoking the coke for his pig iron? (And, no, that sentence doesn't make a lick of sense, but it sure was fun to write.)

2010, Betty Blue
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